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riGmsn (UD)

Welcome to riGnetwork!

Welcome to riGnetwork, the next generation of the formally "1G -- The New Generation" forum! This is new portal have many new additions, such as riGradio and riGchat. We hope that you will like them. Have Fun!

Available Web Addresses

Below is the list of available web addresses to enter riGnetwork.


Development Status

Here are the development status of the services provided.

riGdiscuss -- 100% completed
riGblog -- 100% completed
riGchat -- 35% completed
riGradio -- 80% completed
riGstealth -- 0% completed
riGweb -- 0% completed
riGdisk -- 0% completed
riGmsn -- 0% completed

NOTE: "UD" means "Under Development" and "BETA" means in stages of development.

Webmaster/Admin/Junior Admin Contact Details

Webmaster(Lin Jin): jimmyln2004[AT]gmail[DOT]com
Junior Admin(Jerome): jerome_rocks[AT]gmail[DOT]com
Junior Admin(Ding Hao): FILLED UP LATER

NOTE: "@" is replaced with [AT] and "." is replaced with [DOT] for security.

riGnetwork Community - Copyright © 2006-2007 Lin Jin, All Rights Reserved

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